One API / Multiple services

Designed by considering the development process

Zip Code API

Determine state and city from zip code. All states, cities and zip codes data for CA, DE, FR, GB, IN, US.

Gender API

Determine the gender of first name or full name. More than 600,000 names across 80 countries. The algorithm matches several variants of the same name, for better results.

Validation API

Free, and easy to use validation, for complicated use cases.

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Based on RESTfull architecture, the API can be easily integrated into your own system.

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$ 0 / 1 Month
  • 1,000 Credits per month
  • Gender API
  • Zip Codes API
  • Validation API


$ 6.9 / 1 Month
  • 500,000 Credits per month
  • Gender API
  • Zip Codes API
  • Free Validation API
  • Technical support


$ 25 / 1 Month
  • 2,000,000 Credits per month
  • Gender API
  • Zip Codes API
  • Free Validation API
  • Technical support
Frequently asked questions


Where is my API key

After creating your account, you can find your Key in your user space.

Do you provide libraries for different programming language

Since our API is based on REST architecture, it can easily be implemented by any programming language. Please check the documentation for examples.

Do you provide help for implementing the API

Our technical team is always happy, and highly available to assist you. you can email us at: we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do you determine gender of first name

Before doing a lookup query against our database, our algorithm performs multiple transormations on the requested name to match every possible variant of it. It gave better results for multiple words names, non utf8 characters, or names including special charaters and numbers.

Do you determine name by country or ip address

We have decided to ignore the geographic and cultural aspect of first names, because of the melting of cultures around the world and global migration. The gender types we have: male, female, unisex "where the first name can be both used for male and female".

What is the source of your data

We are collecting data from multiple open source projects, and government census websites. then we do multiple manual and automatic cleaning operations.

Which countries are supported by the Zip Code API

We provide zip codes data for the following countries: US, GB, IN, CA, IN, FR.

What do you do with my information

At we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. We do not sell or share your information with anyone else.