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Company Information

application is hosted in Germany.

Conclusion of contract and registration provides different services:
- Gender API: Determin gender from first name or full name.
- Zip Code API: Get state and city from zip code, and get list of states and cities in a country.
- Validation API: Validate data using object schema model
Customers can register free of charge on the website. The customer assigns login data (email address and password) to access his account at After registration, the customer can select a price model to top up credit for the services with; By clicking on the "Buy now" button, the contract between and the customer about the one-time the credit balance is concluded.
The customer can update his plan at any moments, his account will be credited according to the new plan.
If the customer is in default with the payment, he is invited to make the payment to resume the service. or downgrade to free plan.

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